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Many brands struggle to gain traction on Instagram, thinking that it just isn’t worth the effort. However, in a recent survey commissioned by Facebook Inc., 62% of respondents surveyed said they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories.

An interesting method to give voice to relatively unknown brands is Chris Do’s Instagram guest carousel marketing framework. Chris Do is a prominent marketing persona, with 500,000 Instagram followers. In his posts, he creates carousels – a slideshow of images with content from B2Bs who have an interesting (marketing) story to share.

In his recent post The cure for the perfection monster he brings up tackling the perfection obstacle e.g. monster, which is here depicted in design project situations.


At the very beginning of design projects, customers usually provide guidelines for a project. The creative people dig into the problem to find the right solution to the customer’s problem. They try to feel the pain and to eliminate it in a swift, sweet, and creative way. Here, often perfection is set to be attained. Both, the client and the creative solution creator are striving for their version of perfection. The customer is looking for the best value for the money, aligned with business objectives in their mind. The solution seeker also tries to follow his objectives, for example, to accomplish set goals, satisfy the client, and mainly to finish the project.



Its jaws are menacing. Its grip vice like. It’s the mind killer and destroyer of dreams. It’s the perfectionism monster. Once it grabs a hold of you, it’s very hard to break free. Chris Do


The complication in design projects arises when a solution consumes too much time to be perfectly accomplished. Also, in many cases, the customer keeps changing the goal – the designer’s perfection objective.

Consequently, the primary focus point becomes a moving target, unattainable with every proposed solution.

The monster keeps getting bigger and scarier.

Well known to all designers are files named “final.psd”, “finalforreal.psd”, “finalfinalfinal.psd”, etc. as depicted from a guest post on Chris Do’s Instagram guest carousel by @animationvideos.nl.




The eternal dilemma of when the design project is finished is a compromise between a deadline and the designer’s feeling when the solution is an accomplished piece of art.

Chris Do exposes the formidable obstacle – the self-imposed perfectionism that is hard to break free of.



4. ANSWER – What do we say to the God of perfection? Not today.


One way to manage this perfection monster is for:

1. PROJECT MANAGER: to set clear goals in the beginning

2. CUSTOMER: to give a straightforward information – what they want and on the other side deliver realistic promises

3. DESIGNER: to not complicate with a solution beyond the reasonable limit



Chris Do’s posts are a wonderful opportunity to reflect on engaging topics.


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